Dina Meza, journaliste et présidente du PEN Honduras-la liberté d’expression

Dans le cadre de Livres comme l'Air, en 2014, Dina Meza était jumelée à l'écrivaine 
Pauline Gélinas.

Last night I dreamed that all of us were standing up to say no to silence. In Honduras, an oxygen tank sustains freedom of expression, endangered by those who would cut the lines with impunity.

In reality, this is how we now find freedom of expression, the most fundamental right of human beings, traversing all other rights.

Honduras is a country of 8.5 million inhabitants. It is located in the middle of Central America; a strategic position for the region. Its territory has been disgraced by foreign intervention. At present, the United States has six military bases in different locations around the country.

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